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Haro BMX

Haro's made plenty of laps around the neighborhood to deserve its place at the top of the BMX world. With a legendary list of pro riders and a lineup of bikes that range from freestyle and race to the throwback Legends series and even kids bikes, Haro's bikes and culture make you want to get out and ride. 

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The Haro Caballero signature cruiser
Haro Dandois signature

Haro BMX

Haro Annex Mini
Pure BMX race starts here with the Annex Mini model. Designed with the smal...
Haro Annex Micro Mini
Racing starts here with the Annex Micro Mini model. Designed with the small...
Haro Mini
The Race Lite Mini is the smallest model in the Race Lite series to use 20"...
Haro Junior
Rising further up the size scale is the Race Lite Junior. The Junior shares...

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