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Trek Domane+ Electric Road Bike

E-bikes are rapidly gaining traction in the US market and we're beginning to see more performance-oriented bikes that look less like e-bikes and more like their traditional counterparts. Trek's new Domane+ is proof that a battery can make a great bike even better. This genre-warping do-it-all is everything you love about the endurance-oriented Domane road bike, with a little extra kick. Its strong pedal assist motor and downtube-mounted battery are powerful enough to keep you in the pack on group rides, take the sting out of hills, or add a little extra speed to your ride home.

Domane+ At A Glance

  • A high-performance all-road/gravel bike, with a little extra boost
  • With proven IsoSpeed decoupler technology Domane+ is comfortable and fast
  • Bosch's 350 watt Performance Speed motor can sustain assisted speeds of up to 28mph
  • Hydraulic disc brakes, a 1x11 drivetrain, and 500 series OCLV carbon
  • The battery is easy to remove without tools

Trek Domane+ Electric Road Bike

Available at your local authorized Trek bicycle retailer. Check out the bike details, read reviews, and pick the size that's right for you. Click "Buy Local Now" to find the retailer near you with the bike in stock to test ride or available to order.


Trek Domane+

Speed, Comfort, Fun

The Domane+ is billed as an endurance road bike; think longer rides, over whatever road surfaces you might find. When you're relaxed and comfortable, you'll be able to explore more, ride farther, and arrive at your destination feeling fresher. The geometry is designed to give you a neutral, relaxed posture and better line of sight via a more upright riding position. 

The Domane platform's broad approach to long-ride comfort and control has made it a favorite among cyclists looking for a little adventure on their routes, and the electric version just adds to the fun. The frame accommodates up to a 38mm tire for extra control and comfort on gravel and other rough surfaces. And, the IsoSpeed decoupler works to isolate you from bumps in the road by allowing the frame to absorb shock rather than your body without the negative impacts of traditional suspension. 

Trek's Domane platform has been on the market for several years and has been tested on the brutal cobbled roads of professional European road races, and by thousands of everyday cyclists who appreciate the bike's ability to make more roads accessible. IsoSpeed is perhaps the most proven road smoothing technology on the market. By adding the extra wide tire compatibility this platform is more confident and comfortable than ever.

Ride Farther, Ride Faster

The key enhancement to the established platform is the addition of the electric assist technology. Trek chose to utilize Bosch technology and its excellent lineup of electric motors and battery packs. With the 350-watt Bosch Performance Speed motor and accompanying 500Wh integrated battery you can ride with assistance at speeds up to 28 mph and distances up to 70 miles on a single charge. 

Want to ride longer? No problem, Domane+ functions like a normal pedal bike when the motor is switched off or if it runs out of battery power. That's the key with this new generation of electric bikes. This is simply a capable endurance road bike, and with no electric assist, it rides just like a regular bike. The electric assist is there when you need it.

There are all kinds of reasons that a rider would want an electric assist road bike like the Trek Domane+. For whatever reason, you might not have the level of fitness you want to be able to tackle ambitious rides and climbs. This bike opens up options for you. You can cover more ground at a consistently faster pace and add adventure to your regular riding. If you like to ride with groups, you will fit right in on what is essentially a performance road bike. But if the group is riding at a faster pace than your fitness can handle that day, the electric assist is there to help.

Tool-free Battery Removal

It's tough to make a large battery look unobtrusive, but Trek's engineers and industrial designers did an exceptional  job on the Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) in the Domane+. This clever balancing act allows additional range without compromising performance or aesthetics. No one wants to fumble around with batteries, and the RIB's intuitive design and built-in handle makes it convenient to charge the battery on or off the bike. For added security it can be locked with a key.

All-weather Braking

Speed is important, but stopping can be critical. The Domane+ carries a little more weight than its battery-free family members, but SRAM Force hydraulic disc brakes are just as effective at slowing the bike quickly and predictably even when conditions aren't ideal. They require less hand force at the lever and can bring you to a halt when you need it most, adding confidence to every ride.

The debate is over. Disc brakes have become the new standard for road riding, electric bike or not. When you are heading into a corner you want consistent and powerful braking performance. Disc brakes are a no-brainer upgrade from rim brakes. You no longer have to worry about whether your rims are wet or if there is an imperfection in the braking surface, you can count on the brakes worry free. It makes riding more fun and much safer.

Decoupled for Comfort

Compliance is a big deal in the world of road bikes. Vibration and shock felt from the road is directly related to how long you'll feel fresh and comfortable on the bike. The rougher the road surface, the more that matters. Trek created IsoSpeed to isolate the rider from the road by decoupling the seat tube from the top tube, allowing the seat tube to flex and dissipate harshness. 

You won't notice the engineered flex under normal conditions: jolts and bumps just won't be as severe. What is often overlooked when considering IsoSpeed, is how much safer it is for you as a rider. If you are cruising along at over 20mph and you hit a bump it can throw of your center of gravity and focus for a second. Depending on where you are, that slight interruption could have consequences. The more stable the bike and the rider are the safer a ride can be.

Always On Lighting

Whether it is smart home devices or road bikes, integration is the future. And Trek is passionate about improving rider safety so daytime lighting is a priority for the brand.

Because Domane+ is battery powered, Trek has integrated the Bontrager Lync lighting system, which supplies power to front and rear lights anytime you're pedaling. Daytime running lights have been proven to significantly increase your likelihood of being seen, whether it's daytime or not. And their inclusion here feels like a natural evolution of an electrically powered bike that's somehow more than just the sum of its combined parts.

Never Miss Another Ride

Anyone who enjoys riding a bike will love riding the Domane+. It has all the familiar characteristics and riding experience of a traditional road bike, with just a little more heft (a 56cm complete weighs around 37 lbs). The extra weight melts away when the motor is active, however. And if you’re recovering from an injury, pushing for more mileage, or trying to keep up with a faster riding partner, the electric assistance will help you gain strength while enjoying the ride. The Domane+ reduces barriers and adds excitement. Hills flatten, headwinds fall flat, and you gain the feeling of accomplishment while doing something you love.

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