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Rounding-up The Herd—Trek Domane+ Electric Road Bikes

Now is a fine time to own an e-bike. New versions have become lighter, more powerful, and lost the clunky looks of infancy. Trek’s Domane+ lineup is an excellent example of this evolution and includes two distinct models that will appeal to different types of riders. Have a look to see what makes each bike unique, and check out Trek's newest model, the distance-crushing Domane+ HP. 

Domane+ LT

  • 250Wh battery recharges in under three hours
  • Top tube controls keep the cockpit clutter-free 
  • Fazua drive system can be removed in seconds
  • Trek's lightest e-bike

Domane+ HP

  • New Bosch Performance Speed motor makes 75 Nm of torque
  • Proven Domane comfort and handling
  • Pedal assistance up to 28mph
  • 80+ mile range
Cyclists ride Trek's Domane on a wet dirt road

Why You Should Buy A Domane

For Trek, the Domane is the brand's best road bike. It's designed to be fast and comfortable thanks to aero tube shapes, IsoSpeed frame decoupling technology, and endurance-focused geometry that keeps you feeling fresh on epic rides. Clearance for up to 38mm tires provides extra stability and the confidence to take every ride into the unknown, and fender mounts make the bike a true all-season contender. The electric Domane+ models give you the same trusted performance, with a nice amount of boost to keep the wheels turning when your legs have had enough. 

Introducing, The 2020 Domane+ HP

The biggest news in the Domane+ lineup is focused on the latest Domane+ HP. If you want to take your rides farther than ever, this is where it’s at. The HP is built around Bosch’s latest Performance Speed motor that increases torque by 12Nm versus the original Domane+. Pedal-assisted maximum speed is 28mph, range is around 80 miles depending on how you use the power, and overall weight sits at a respectable 35.76 lbs (size 56). Add the optional range-extending battery and you can complete those epic rides you’ve only dreamed about.

In keeping with Trek’s model family nomenclature, you get two build options in the new HP model line: the Domane+ HP and the slightly higher-performance Domane+ HP 7. We can’t say if there’ll be a Domane+ HP 9 coming off the line so until then, Bontrager Aeolus Pro 3V carbon wheels and Ultegra Di2 shifting on the HP 7 will have to do.

Trek Domane+ HP

Trek Domane+ HP

Available at your local authorized Trek bicycle retailer. Check out the bike details, read reviews, and pick the size that's right for you. Click "Buy Local Now" to find the retailer near you with the bike in stock to test ride or available to order.

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Domane+ LT Makes You Faster

Designed to be lighter and ridden with assistance as much as without, the Domane+ LT features a removable Fazua motor and battery in a sportier package. It offers pedal assistance up to 20mph and drag-free momentum when the motor is switched off. Removing the drivepack drops nearly six pounds off the weight of the bike, giving you a two-in-one bike advantage when it comes to choosing how you want to train. The LT is a terrific option for experienced riders looking for help getting into faster group rides that traverse punchy hill climbs.

Browse Trek Domane+ LT Models

$6,499.99 - $6,999.99

Never Miss Another Ride

Many people can benefit from the assistance e-bikes bikes provide.  If you’re recovering from an injury, pushing for more mileage, or trying to keep up with a faster riding partner, the electric pedal assistance will help you gain strength while enjoying the ride. Let the Domane+ platform reduce your barriers and rekindle the enthusiasm you once had for cycling. Hills flatten, headwinds fall flat, and you gain the feeling of accomplishment while doing something you love.

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