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Anyone who’s laid eyes on a classic Bianchi road bike in its famous Celeste green paint could certainly attest to the artful beauty of a bicycle. Yet beyond the nostalgia for the 125 year old brand, Bianchi continues to find itself at the top of the industry, creating everything from competitive road racing bikes to comfortable city bikes and everything between. Thanks in part to racers like Coppi, Gimondi, and Pantani who have kept the brand in the spotlight, Bianchi and its recognizable color will forever be known as the quintessential Italian bicycle company.

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Nothing rides like a Bianchi
Speed is on your side with Bianchi's Aquila CV


Bianchi Milano Dama
Milano — the fashion capital of Europe and the namesake for the model that ...
Bianchi Aria Disc 105
To achieve fast rides from full aerodynamic performance, it is important th...
Bianchi C-Sport 4
The ultimate flat bar road bike. The C-Sport 4 has the spirit of a true ...
Bianchi XR16 Girls
Bianchi's XR16 is your young rider's first step to achieving cycling greatn...
Bianchi Venezia Dama
We dug out the old 1950s design plans from our Milano. A classic steel ...
Bianchi Intenso Disc 105
The Intenso Disc is a monocoque carbon fiber endurance road bike that yearn...
Bianchi Nitron 9.3
The objective behind the new Nitron project is to extend the race-winning p...
Bianchi Duel 27.S
It's the Bianchi pedigree as being a world-class racing brand that makes ev...
Bianchi Infinito CV Chorus
The Infinito was designed for the rider who wants to mix it up on Saturday'...
Bianchi Eroica
Coppi. Gimondi. These men grace the pages of racing history books. Dist...
Bianchi Intenso Disc Ultegra
The Intenso Disc is a monocoque carbon fiber endurance road bike that yearn...
Bianchi Oltre XR3 Dura Ace Mix
The Oltre XR3 was designed for the rider who demands the performance of a p...

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