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Buy Local Now for Bike Shops

Local Bike Shops Can Participate for Free

It can be tough for a local bike shop to compete with large online sellers. With Buy Local Now, you have a friend that can help. We coordinate resources from thousands of local bike shops to help cyclists shop in their neighborhood for name brand cycling products. Any qualifying local bike shop can connect to Buy Local Now for free. Please join today so more cyclists can discover the products you stock and support.

Join for Free

Qualifying Local Bike Shops

At Buy Local Now, we consider a local bike shop eligible to join if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Has brick-and-mortar commercially zoned physical retail storefront
  2. Retail store has reasonable hours of operations open to physical shoppers
  3. Retail store has signage indicating local consumers can shop
  4. Clearly displays physical address, phone number, and contact information on website

The intent of Buy Local Now is to support local brick and mortar bike shops. Many of these local bike shops have a respectable online component of their business, but they are not purely online sellers. While we recognize that mobile bike shops can be an important part of a local cycling community, Buy Local Now currently does not list these businesses on the platform.

Participating retailers are NOT required to have a paid SmartEtailing website subscription, although the more advanced functionality of a SmartEtailing website enhances the Buy Local Now shopping experience for local consumers.