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How Buy Local Now Works

Shopping Local Made Easy

When you support your local bike shop, you're giving back to your cycling community. Buy Local Now helps you browse the largest selection of name brand cycling gear online. When you find what you want, we connect you directly with your local bike shop to buy.

How to Use This Site

Buy Local Now let's you show the largest selection of name brand cycling products in one place and then purchase directly from your local bike shop.

Browse online just like any other retail website. Click "Buy Local Now" when you find what you want. Choose the bike shop near you that has the product in stock today or can get it quickly.

In many cases you can click "Buy Now" and go straight to the bike shop's website to purchase. Some products can be shipped to your home while others are available for in-store pickup.

Understanding Your Options

When you click "Buy Local Now," you will see one of three types of buttons next to the shop's location and phone number:

Buy Now
Bike shop has their online catalog directly linked to Buy Local Now and accepts online orders.

View Item
Bike shop has their online catalog directly linked to Buy Local Now but does NOT accept online orders. You can visit the store to purchase.

View Site
Bike shop does not connect their online catalog directly. You can browse their site or visit the store to purchase.

Availability Explained

Buy Local Now is powered by data from thousands of bike shops and cycling brands. As you shop, you will see different options:

In Stock
A green pin and the words "In-Stock at Store" mean the local bike shop has the item in stock today.

An orange pin and the words "Available at Warehouse" mean that the item is available to order and may require a few days for pickup or delivery.

Out of Stock
When products are out of stock at the retailer or supplier then you will not see any option available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buy Local Now?

We are a free service designed to make it easy for a local cyclist to find name brand cycling products at your local bike shop. Local bike shops and the brands they carry choose to participate in Buy Local Now because they want you to know how easy it is to shop local and how important bike shops are to every cycling community.

How long has Buy Local Now been around?

Buy Local Now was started in 2012. Our goal, then and now, is to make it easy for cyclists browsing for products on a cycling brand website to find a stocking local bike shop nearby.

How do you know what's available at local bike shops?

Local bike shops and cycling suppliers integrate directly with Buy Local Now so that you can easily find what is available for pickup today at the bike shop or available to order from an authorized retailer. Buy Local Now is updated daily.

Why are some products only available at local bike shops?

Many name brand cycling companies understand that the best way to serve you is to have you purchase their bikes, cycling apparel, and cycling equipment from an authorized local bike shop. Cycling products can be complex and navigating choices can be challenging. Your safety and long term product satisfaction matter to premium brands so they want you to have good advice and a trusted bike shop relationship for product maintenance.

Can I buy online from Buy Local Now?

You can buy directly from local bike shop websites. We help you find what you want and connect you directly with the local bike shop to order. Find the product you want, click "Buy Local Now" button, and find a shop near you with the product. Click "Buy Now" and we'll send you to the correct page on the bike shop website to complete your purchase.

Can I buy online from local bike shops?

Many local bike shops have websites that let you buy online, and most of those bike shops are directly linked to Buy Local Now. We make shopping online from your favorite local shop easy.

Why don't I see my favorite local bike shop on Buy Local Now? 

Please tell your favorite local bike shop to join the thousands of other bike shops who have a free Buy Local Now account. We want every qualifying local bike shop to participate.

Why should I care about buying "name brand" cycling products?

A bicycle is fundamentally a vehicle—a super fun, healthy, and environmentally friendly vehicle. Name brand cycling company do extensive research and development, product testing, and retailer certification to ensure your safety and satisfaction. While you may sometimes struggle knowing one cycling company from another, local bike shops are experts. That's why Buy Local Now only displays products from brands that partner with local bike shops. It is our way of determining and sharing the best choice of brands with you.

Can local bike shops ship my order to my house?

In many cases, yes. One common exception is complete bicycles. Name brand bicycle companies understand that professional assembly and personal delivery are essential to a safe and satisfying purchase so bikes are only available for in-store pickup. Select aftermarket companies also restrict shipping products. 

I can't find what I'm looking for?

If you've searched for the product you want and can't find it, we recommend that you call your favorite local bike shop and ask them to help you track it down or find a great alternative.

Does the price I see on Buy Local Now match the local price?

Buy Local Now lists the recommended retail price suggested by the brand producing each product. In some cases, local prices will vary.